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About Us

Serving You Since 1937The first Steuben County REMC Board of Directors

Steuben County Rural Electric Membership Corporation supplies electric power to about 8,300 members through 892 miles of energized line in Steuben and parts of DeKalb and LaGrange counties in Northeastern Indiana.

In 1936 the rural parts of Northeastern Indiana didn't have benefits of central station electrical service because the investor owned electric companies felt that it would not be profitable to bring electricity to the less populated areas of the country. So some courageous individuals decided to take it upon themselves to form their own not-for-profit electric Cooperative for the purpose of building and maintaining an electric distribution system that would be owned and operated by those individuals it would serve. Thus, Steuben County REMC was born. Incorporated on March 29, 1937, through this unique form of ownership people living in Northeast Indiana were able to take control of the situation and improve the quality of life for themselves and future generations.

Since those humble beginnings, the cooperative has grown to become a financially sound organization serving more than 9,500 accounts. In fact, it had been thSteuben County REMC's Board of Incorporatorse fastest growing county in the state in previous years. Our cooperative is a shining example of how ordinary, hard working people can unite to create their own opportunities and achieve a common goal. The REMC is governed by a 9 member Board of Directors elected by the membership at the annual meeting each year.

Because Steuben County REMC is a cooperative utility, margins as they are referred to in our business, are returned to you, the member, on a prorated basis. Unlike an investor owned utility, which distributes its profits to its shareholders, cooperatives return excess margins to their member owners. When patronage capital is returned your share is based on the amount of electricity you purchased for the year being refunded.  To date, over $2,500,000 in capital credits has been retired to our members who held service with us previously.

Our cooperative is rich with history, tradition and a spirit of community that will last throughout future generations. We are proud to be a part of Steuben County, and proud to serve you, the member.







Staff and Employees:

Through a dedicated, talented workforce, Steuben County REMC provides you with excellent customer service and satisfaction. We are proud to provide you with a member experience that truly lets you feel what it's like to be part of a cooperative.


Board of Directors:

Steuben County REMC is governed by a nine member Board of Directors. Each year directors are voted upon at the Cooperative's Annual Meeting.

Our Board's responsibilities include overseeing long-term financial planning and corporate objectives; strategic planning; governing rates and rules of service; operating philosophy and policy; operating budget; and the general manager evaluation.

Steuben County REMC Board of Directors

Left to Right: (Seated) Gary Michael, Secretary/Treasurer Donald Gurtner, President Wayne Gingerich, Vice President Larry Jack, Corporate Attorney James Burns. (Standing) Michael Kurtz, Gary Shough, CEO Kevin Keiser, Gary Stroh, Marc Nelson, Carter Snider.

Gary Shough District 1: Greenfield and Millgrove Townships
Incumbent Director: Gary Shough
Don Gurtner District 2: Jamestown Township
Incumbent Director: Donald Gurtner
Board Position: Secretary/Treasurer

Gary Michael

District 3: Fremont and Clear Lake Townships
Incumbent Director: Gary Michael

Mike Kurtz District 4: Jackson Township
Incumbent Director: Mike Kurtz

Carter Snider District 5: Pleasant Township
Incumbent Director: Carter Snider

Gary Stroh District 6: Scott and York Townships
Incumbent Director: Gary Stroh

Wayne Gingerich District 7: Salem Township
Incumbent Director: Wayne Gingerich
Board Position: President

Larry Jack District 8: Steuben, Smithfield and Grant Townships
Incumbent Director: Larry Jack
Board Position: Vice President

Marc Nelson District 9: Otsego, Richland and Franklin Townships
Incumbent Director: Marc Nelson

Jim Burns Corporate Counsel: Jim Burns
Kevin Keiser CEO: Kevin Keiser
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