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Power Restoration Process

Restoring Power

For more information about how to report an outage, click here.

Storms can cause widespread damage that leaves Steuben County REMC’s members in the dark. When severe weather strikes, plans are set into motion to respond quickly and to make repairs that restore service to the largest number of customers in the Tree on linesshortest amount of time. Who gets their power restored first? How do we make those decisions? Let me give you an idea of how the restoration effort happens, and why we appreciate your patience and understanding during even the most severe situations.

Sometimes a problem lies at an individual transformer or on a tap line that serves one meter. These are usually the last to be restored, unless a crew is working on supply-line outages in the same area. During a storm, trees are normally the culprit to these individual outages.

Steuben County REMC has 9 substations and metering points where electricity is sent out over the REMC’s distribution lines. Any problems with the substations or the transmission lines that bring the power to that substation must be attended to first before other damages can be detected and repaired. During this time, we also respond to emergency accident situations.

Distribution lines carry electricity from substations to homes, farms, and businesses. Steuben County REMC checks its main distribution lines if the problem doesn’t involve a transmission line or substation.

Steuben County REMC’s main distribution lines branch off into final supply lines, which are often called tap lines. The REMC works supply-line outages to restore electricity to the greatest number of members at one time.

  1. Substations/transmission lines/ emergencies
  2. Main distribution lines
  3. Supply lines
  4. Individual outages

Our first and foremost concern in outage situations is the safety and health of our employees and members. We thank you in advance for your understanding in these stressful and often unpredictable circumstances.

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