exede® Internet

Exede Internet service


Exede is a broadband satellite Internet product that provides much needed connectivity to the un-served and underserved members in the rural areas of the county, brought to you by Re-Comm, Inc., a subsidiary of Steuben County REMC. With faster download speeds (up to 12Mbps) and more options for package plans, this high-speed Internet connection provides you with the speeds and data needed to get the job done. All packages come with 5 email addresses with up to 10GB of storage per address.

Are you a seasonal member? Check out our 'suspend account' option for the months when you're away. Don't know if Exede is right for you? Try it out with our 3-month trial package, or pick a plan with no contract. Whatever you need, we try to provide the best in service and quality.

If you're looking for speed, look no further than Exede. Have you had difficulty with line-of-sight Internet products? Fret no more! Exede offers you the same great speed and reliability with the care and service you have come to know and love from Steuben County REMC.

With the latest and most up-to-date technology and new equipment, there are no cables to fix, and only severe weather issues to complicate the signal. Plus, the new equipment carries a 1-year warranty should anything go awry.

“It’s better service at a reasonable price. And for anyone in business, no matter what type it was, the speed is excellent. For an individual, it’s incredible!”
--Mike Anderson, Angola, Ind.

For more pricing and package information, and info on our special offers, call us today at 260-665-3563.