2020 Annual Meeting

Your voice matters! That is why we will be having mail-in and online voting starting September 7 through October 9. Both options will be available, so you can choose the most convenient way to vote. The results of the election along with the CEO and Directors’ report will be included in our virtual meeting on October 21. The video will remain available for our membership to watch on or after the 21st via Facebook, YouTube and this web page. To stay up-to-date please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, read the Indiana Connection magazine (print or digital) and watch this page for more details.

Official Notice

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

Gary Shough Petition District 1

Scott Charters Petition District 2

Terry Appell Petition District 2

Marc Nelson Petition District 9

*One vote per membership. (The electric service must be in your name to be entitled to vote.)

** Members who vote online/ SmartHub and by mail will only have their mail ballot counted.

***Members who vote by mail or online will be entered to win one of several $50 bill credits. 


See you at next year's Annual Meeting on June 12, 2021!