Steuben County REMC is dedicated to the health and prosperity of our local community. As such, we operate the charitable giving program call Operation Round Up, where members donate a small portion of their bills each month (rounded to the nearest dollar) to be distributed through our ORU Board of Directors to charitable causes throughout our area.

Steuben County REMC launched the Operation Round Up program in June of 2004, with member participation beginning in August of 2004. ORU is an innovative community service fundraising program and a uniquely simple and rewarding way for our cooperative members to help fund worthwhile projects in our own local community.

Originally brought to Steuben County with the intention of assisting economic development and growth projects in our area, the program has also assisted philanthropic organizations that are doing good for our members. Operation Round Up is just what the name implies; each month, the REMC simply rounds the electric bill of participating members to the next highest dollar. The additional change is then set aside into the ORU fund for quarterly distribution. The average estimated annual giving is approximately 50 cents per month or $6 annually. Small change to the individual, perhaps, but with nearly 73% of our members participating, the thousands of dollars the program generates can mean a big difference throughout our service territory. Since its inception, over $600,000 has been dispersed through grant applications.

A separate volunteer board of directors made up of REMC members and two REMC employees administer the fund and set guidelines for the distribution of the contributions. Funded projects contribute to economic development or community benefit and are typically given to worthwhile philanthropic organizations throughout our area.

Operation Round Up is all about community spirit, service, and goodwill. It is an exciting extension of Steuben County REMC's pledge of commitment to our community. You can apply by clicking here (external link to

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In order to help with your application, submit any and all supporting documents that might help the board in deciding upon your grant request. When applying, your grant application should consider these questions: how does your project contribute to the growth and revitalization of Steuben County? How does your project impact the Steuben County REMC membership? And how does your project contribute to the health of Steuben County as a whole?

Grant recipients, don't forget to submit the Final Project Report, along with copies of paid receipts or invoices. Failure to do so could impact future funding.