In order to sign up for service with Steuben County REMC, reconnect a previous service, or switch a service into your name or another name, the service holder will need to first become a member of Steuben County REMC. Members are charged a $25 membership fee that stays with your service until it is closed and then returned upon close of your membership. Members are required to perform a credit check, which determines the amount of the deposit.

To connect, reconnect, or switch a service, call the office at 260-665-3563 or stop in. You will need the address of the service location, the day of closing/moving in, and full contact information before the change can be made. You will also need a valid photo ID (issued within the United States) and your social security information.

If a service has not been connected within 12 months' time, first contact the Steuben County Building Department at 260-668-1000 to discuss an inspection. 

If you are moving to another location, whether on or off our lines, please contact the office to discuss your disconnection. We will need a new forwarding address, date of disconnection, and a few other details.