As a member of Steuben County REMC your vote matters! From May 10 to June 10 mail-in and online voting will be open. Both options will be available to all active voting members. Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel for the annual meeting video updates. The weekly giveaway winners will be posted on this page, so check back often. 

Official Notice

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Mike Kurtz Petition District 4

Carter Snider Petition District 5

Larry Jack Petition District 8

Week 1 5/15/2021 Giveaway Winners

Week 2 5/22/2021 Giveaway Winners

Week 3 5/29/2021 Giveaway Winners

Week 4 6/5/2021 Giveaway Winners

*One vote per membership. (The electric service must be in your name to be entitled to vote.)

** Members who vote online/ SmartHub and by mail will only have their mail ballot counted.

***Members who vote by mail or online will be entered in the giveaways.