Watch here for the 2023 Annual Meeting videos.

We are excited to share some of the details on this year's Steuben County REMC's Annual Meeting and first Member Appreciation Day.

Welcome to the first video of the 2023 Steuben County REMC Annual Meeting. This week Wayne Gingerich will be talking about the details for this year's annual meeting and our Member Appreciation Day.

Wayne Gingerich will give his Presidential report, introducing this year's election candidates and the board of directors. Gary Shough will provide his Secretarial report.

In this week's video Corporate Counsel James McEntarfer discusses the voting process for this year's election. The winners for this week's $25 bill credit are announced at the end of the video.

CEO, Kevin Keiser delivers a year in review on the electric and broadband services provided by your cooperative.

We have reached the end of the 2023 Annual Meeting Weekly Video Series with this year’s voting results. We hope you enjoyed the videos this year.

Your vote matters! As a member-owned cooperative, you elect the people you want to represent you in the board room. Cast your ballot between May 8 and June 8 via mail-in or online format. Both options will be available to all active voting members. You can see all of the Annual Meeting video updates on Facebook, YouTube, or this webpage. The weekly giveaway winners will be posted on the page. Vote early to be entered every week. 


The Steuben County REMC Board of Directors wanted to change things up this year and do a member appreciation day that more members would be able to partake in.


Member Appreciation Day- Tuesday, July 25

  • At the Steuben County Fair
  • Kids Games- Safety Demonstrations- Giveaways
  • Free gate admission for Steuben County REMC members.
  • Watch the June issue of Indiana Connection for the gate pass. 


Official Notice

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Gary Shough Petition District 1

Ryan Welch Petition District 2

Samuel "Gus" Reed District 2

Randy Tilbury Petition District 2

Marc Nelson Petition District 9


Weekly Giveaway Winners *50 random weekly giveaway winners of $25*

Week 1 Winners 5/12/2023

Week 2 Winners 5/19/2023

Week 3 Winners 5/26/2023

Week 4 Winners 6/2/2023

Week 5 Winners 6/10/2023


*One vote per membership. (The electric service must be in your name to be entitled to vote.)

**Members who vote online/ SmartHub and by mail will only have their mail ballot counted.

***Members who vote by mail or online will be entered in the giveaways. 

Voting Instructions